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Mike Gatto has always felt a calling to improve how government works for hard-working Californians. His grandfather was an immigrant coal miner, who instilled in his family a strong work ethic. Mike graduated from UCLA with a degree in history, and then put himself through Loyola Law School at night, graduating magna cum laude, while working full-time as a congressional Chief of Staff.

Mike worked extensively in the public and private sector, serving in the administrations of three Los Angeles mayors, and as an attorney helping California’s small businesses. He has taught English, and given his time extensively to legal clients who could not afford an attorney.

Mike was elected to the Assembly in June 2010, after a series of three elections in seven weeks. In his second term, he was named Assistant Speaker Pro Tempore, presiding over meetings of the Assembly. He has served as Chairman of the Appropriations Committee and the Consumer Protection & Privacy Committee.

Mike has authored and passed several pieces of landmark legislation during his tenure, measures often requiring supermajority votes to become law.  He is known for his substantive and innovative pieces of legislation to improve our quality of life.

A different type of public official, Mike answers all correspondence from constituents. He does not accept overseas junkets. Consistently ranked among the most independent and bipartisan members of the Legislature, he also brought a strong work ethic to the Capitol, not missing a single vote in years, in perhaps the longest such streak in the nation.

Mike Gatto is married to Danielle, and they have two young daughters, Elliana Vivienne and Evangelina Felicity. As a survival mechanism, Mike knows a great deal about Disney princesses.

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