Watch Selected TV Appearances

Mike Gatto Appears on Newsmax to Discuss Twitter, Big Tech and the 1st Amendment
Mike Discusses the Effects of Abortion Referenda on Midterm Elections
Mike on "The Issue Is" Discussing Partisan Gridlock
Mike Debates Ben Shapiro on the Daily Wire
Mike on the Carlos & Lisa Show Discussing GOP Presidential Primaries
Mike on ABC Discussing Homelessness & the LA Mayor's Race
Mike on CNBC Discussing Drones & Aviation Safety
Humorous clip discussing Twitter shadow bans.
Mike on Conan Nolan's "News Conference" on the Production Tax Credits
Mike on MSNBC re Criminal Justice Reforms
Mike on NBC's "Politically Speaking" Talk Show
Mike on FOX Discussing Criminal Justice & Personal Responsibility
Mike on KOVR on Fighting Identity Theft
Mike Opens up About His Father's Murder
Mike Speaks on His Legislation to Bring Jobs Back to California
Mike on ABC 7 re Drones
Mike on CBS News re Regulatory Reform
Cracking Down on Drugged Driving
Using Our Roads to Generate Energy
Mike Speaks on Ending the Hit-and-Run Epidemic
Mike Interviewed on His Efforts to Protect Children's Credit
Story on the Joe Gatto Memorial Highway
Story on Mike's Efforts to Make Our Streets Safer
Mike Gatto in Committee Hearing Discussing Cannabis and Tobacco
Mike Debates Newsmax Guests Criticizing Biden's Mental Facilities
Mike Discusses Trump's Coattails (or Lack Thereof) & Authenticity in Politics