Selected Media Appearances

Selected Media Appearances

Congressional Dems Won’t Seek to Undermine Will of the People – Newsmax: Newsline, Feb. 2024

Mike’s Efforts to Help the Families Looking for Answers in Unsolved Murders – Fox 11 Los Angeles, Nov. 2023

Passing of Sen. Feinstein – Newsmax: American Agenda, Sep. 2023

Menendez Bribery Case – Newsmax: Newsline, Sep. 2023

Dateline NBC, July 2023

San Francisco, Failed City – Rob Schmitt Tonight, May 2023

The Democratic Perspective of Trump v. DeSantis – Newsmax, Jun. 2023

Mike Debates Rick Santorum on GOP 2024 Race – Newsmax, Feb. 2023

Homelessness in Los Angeles – ABC, Dec. 2022

Twitter “Shadow Bans” – Newsmax, Aug. 2022

An Innovative Approach to Social Media Censorship – Newsmax, May 2022

Mike Debates Abortion and Admits He Wants 10 Kids – Newsmax, Aug. 2022

GOP Primaries – The Carlos & Lisa Show, Sep. 2019

Political Parties and the Rise of the Independent Voter – Fox: Feb. 2019

Mike Debates Ben Shapiro on The Daily Wire, Feb. 2017

Cannabis versus Tobacco – California State Assembly: Committee Hearing, Aug. 2016

Freeway Named After Mike’s Father – KTLA: News, Nov. 2016

The Future of Drones and Aviation Safety – CNBC: Closing Bell, Aug. 2015

Mike, Warren Beatty, and Jerry Brown on Mike’s Entertainment Jobs Legislation – ABC, Sep. 2014

Street Safety and Hit & Runs – Fox11: News, Jul. 2014

Mike Spills His Heart on His Father’s Murder – KCAL News, May 2014

Eliminating the “Affluenza” Defense – MSNBC News Nation, Jan. 2014

Personal Responsibility in Criminal Justice – FOX Business, Jan. 2014