Selected Op-Eds

Here you can read several of Mike’s acclaimed op-eds in major publications.

Opinion: Time for Democrats to abandon myth about Citizens United

Read an Opinion piece in the Mercury News.

Some Real Talk on Homelessness

Homelessness in Los Angeles and throughout California has been on everyone’s minds.  Why have the[read more]

Questions to Ask Politicians on Guns

Politicians on both sides of the aisle proffer nonsense “solutions” on the gun issue.  You[read more]

10 Principles on Housing

Here you can read the much-discussed op-ed in the Los Angeles Time by Assemblyman Mike[read more]

Questions you should ask politicians about guns (according to a politician)

Click here to read an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times.

Walking the Walk on Environmental Issues (Literally!)

Here you can read Mike’s much talked-about op-ed in the LA Times, about ditching his[read more]

Staving Off the Next Crisis in California

Crises are always foreseeable with the benefit of hindsight.  Here, I explored the next looming[read more]

The Importance of the Presidential Election

Most Americans now understand that we are not just electing a President.  We’re also choosing[read more]