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Some Real Talk on Homelessness

Homelessness in Los Angeles and throughout California has been on everyone’s minds.  Why have the number of homeless spiked in recent years?  Why aren’t resources being utilized?  What happened to the funds that voters approved? Being dishonest about the issue doesn’t do anyone any good, any more than lying to a friend helps that friend.[read more]

Questions to Ask Politicians on Guns

Politicians on both sides of the aisle proffer nonsense “solutions” on the gun issue.  You should be armed with the facts the next time a politician utters a cliche in your presence.  From the Los Angeles Times, here is a piece by Assemblyman Mike Gatto (ret.) entitled, “Five Questions to Ask Politicians on Both Sides[read more]

Staving Off the Next Crisis in California

Crises are always foreseeable with the benefit of hindsight.  Here, I explored the next looming financial crisis in California: a system where cities are losing money just by continuing to exist, and one that could cause serious pain for millions of Californians if not addressed.

The Importance of the Presidential Election


Most Americans now understand that we are not just electing a President.  We’re also choosing Supreme Court justices, who will head the EPA and FCC, et cetera. We would be wise to remember that we are also choosing (indirectly of course) the next head of the Federal Reserve.  My op-ed in The Hill can be[read more]

Part II in My Series of Op-Eds on Fiscal & Monetary Policy

income inequaltiy

American wealth disparity now exceeds the vast chasm of the Gilded Age, immediately before the Great Depression. Income inequality in the U.S. is so extensive that our own CIA compares us to such kleptocracies as Cameroon and Russia. Why is this?  Few want to live in a society of extreme “haves” and “have nots.”  That’s[read more]